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Book List


Virtual Manipulatives – These virtual manipulatives are a great technology resource for student to utilize at an independent station.  

https://www.zearn.org/  – Zearn is a free Common Core aligned resource that provides digital lessons in mathematics.  It is directly aligned to the Eureka math curriculum and includes materials and support for small group instruction.  

https://betterlesson.com/common_core_math – This is another Common Core aligned resource for math.  Teachers across the country submit lessons that teach to the different math standards and many times they include free resources.  The lessons are organized by domain and are easily searchable. 

https://illuminations.nctm.org/ – Illuminations is a website that was created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  This is also a great resource for lesson ideas that are aligned to the Common Core Standards.  You can search by domain, standard, and grade level to find high quality math activities.


https://www.bookshare.org/cms/ – Did you know that if you have a student that has a print, visual, physical, or severe learning disability that you could sign up for the student to access to text-to-speech books?  You have to submit documentation that your students actually qualify, but once you get access this is a great resource for supporting students with print disabilities.

https://newsela.com/ – This site provides free adaptive news articles for students.  You can choose a particular subject and article title, then make it available for students at a variety of Lexile levels without changing the content of the article.  This is a great way to differentiate. 

http://bookbuilder.cast.org – This is a really neat tool that was created in support of Universal Design for Learning.  Teachers can create books that include images, text, and audio which help with providing students with access.  It is free to try and they have a variety of model texts that you can use for inspiration.

Qualitative Reading Inventory – If you struggle with finding ways to collect data regarding your student’s reading levels, then this is the book for you!  I love using this because it is simple to deliver and gives you so much rich information about what exactly your students is struggling with when it comes to reading.  It also comes in nicely bound book, which is easy to access and transport which I prefer over the DRA.

Some of the resources listed on this page contain affiliate links.
If you choose to purchase one of them, I will receive a small percentage of that sale for the referral (at not additional cost to you). 

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